cropped-mpij-logo4.jpg Why MPIJ IA?

MPIJ IA understands that not all students learn in the same way, and some social skills come easier to some children than others. MPIJ IA offers an environment where students are taught according to their potential abilities and at their own pace. A child with developmental delay is NOT developmentally incapable, and the MPIJ IA staff knows this.

MPIJ IA simultaneously supports the development of:
・ Academic skills
・ Social competency
・ Pragmatic language

MPIJ IA encourages students to self-advocate to grow in their self-awareness, build their self-confidence, and improve their ability to communicate in today’s global world.

・ Small class size with a student-to-teacher ratio of 4:1
・Teachers who are trained to work with Special Needs Students, with access to occupational and speech therapy.  Smile with, as well as teach students with processing delays at an appropriate pace.
・ Teachers and staff who understand sensory  processing issues and work around them enable the best learning environment.
・ Special accommodations for students who just need to “take a break”.
・ Pastoral care for students and teachers, such as counseling, to address issues and concerns.
・Nontraditional classroom settings in which children can move around as they learn,  when needed.

Bill Ward MPIJ IA Open House -45

MPIJ IAを選ぶ理由

私達MPIJ IAは、生徒会員で同じ方法で学ぶわけではないことを理解しており、 生徒達それぞれに、得意不得意があることを十分に理解しています。
MPIJ IAは生徒一人一人の能力や学習ペースに合わせた環境を提供します。
発達遅延がある子供達=何もできないということではないことを、MPIJ IAの教師・スタッフは理解しています。

MPIJ IAでは、同時に以下スキルの向上を支援します。

MPIJ IAでは、生徒達の自己認識や自信を高め、今日のグローバル社会で必要なコミュニケーション能力を養うことを目指します。

・”休息をとりたい”生徒達にとって、MPIJ IA は特別な場所なのです。


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