High School Curriculum

MPIJ is currently aligning with an accredited school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Clonlara.

Clonlara School was founded in 1967 by Pat Montgomery to support students who were looking for an alternative approach to learning. Clonlara School is fully accredited, with a Campus Program in Ann Arbor, MI, a worldwide Home Based Education Program, and an online curriculum program called Clonlara School Online Program.

Here you can see Clonlara’s website Clonlara

A total of 22.0 Academic Credits is required to graduate.

Subject Area Required Courses Number of credits Required
English English 4.0
Speech 0.5
Social Studies American History 1.0
American Government 0.5
Geography 0.5
Mathematics 2.0
Science 3.0
Physical Fitness 1.5
Electives 9.0
Total Academic Credits 22.0

Teachers support students with their on-line learning by presenting lessons delivered from Clonlara within a classroom setting. This is sometimes known as, “Blended Learning”.

The current on-line  PDF course catalog can be found here:
Clonlara High School Curriculum


Bill Ward MPIJ IA Open House -38

The on-line path will lead to a High School Diploma from a Clonlara School Certified On-Line Program, which will satisfy American college application requirements.

In addition to  academics, students visit a nearby park to engage in outdoor gross- motor fun, including:
・Sand box time
・Choice of two slides (one narrow and one curvy and wide)
・Jungle gym/monkey bars
・Rope-walking, horizontally

MPIJ IA offers music and movement through-out the day, for those that like to move about on a regular basis.

Art includes:
Free-style Art

Crafts include:
Box making
Box painting
Box balancing and then gluing
Pictures/Photo related crafts
Free-style crafts

Wide variety of manipulative are available, and thier uses are three-fold:
・Fun reasons
・Addressing sensory needs
・Kinesthetic/ tactile learning reasons

Playful Learning is a BIG part of MPIJ IA’s school day.


只今、MPIJIAはClonlaraと言うAnn Arbor, Michigan, USAのオンラインスクールから公認をもらう方向に向かってます。

Clonlaraでは卒業するのに、2学期1ポイントとしてカウントされており、 合計22.0ポイントの獲得を必須としています。