Bill Ward MPIJ IA Open House -31

Bill Ward

Bill has a masters degree from Northeastern University in Boston in Special Education and is Massachusetts certified to teach math and science, from Kindergarten up through High School. After receiving teaching Credentials in 2003, and teaching in Dorchester, MA for three years, Bill moved to Tokyo to focus on Special Education in Japan. Since 2008, MPIJ has been helping students with Learning Differences in the Kantou Plains.

Smiles, laughter, learning and growing are all part of school for MPIJ IA Students. It is not “if” a student can do something, it is “when” they can. Whether you think you can do something, or think you can’t do something, you are probably right.



特別支援教育の修士号をボストンのノースイースタン大学で取得、また、幼稚園から高校生を対象とした算数と理科のマサチューセッツ州の教育免許も取得。2003年より3年、マサチューセッツ州ドチェスターで経験を積んだ後、2006年に来日。2008年にMPIJ を設立し、主に関東エリアで様々な障害を持つ同時を指導・サポートした豊富な経験を持つ。「笑顔」「笑い」「学び」「成長」をMPIJ IA が最も大切にしている4つの柱であり、生徒達が「何でもできる」 という自信とマインドを持ってもらうことを目標としている。



Ralph Smeda

Ralph has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, and 16 years of experience as a parent of a child on the autism spectrum. He has researched all the theories and treatments, and tried many of them. He has come to understand that each of child is created with his/her own strengths and challenges. As an educator, he strongly believes that we need to work with children to figure out what works for them.


心理学の学士号を有とする。自身も自閉症の息子がおり、16年間に及ぶ子育ての中で、ほぼ全ての自閉症に関する治療法などを自ら研究、実績した豊富な経験がある。その経験から、子どもたちそれぞれに個性、強み、チャレンジがあることに深い理解を持ち、また特別支援教育に関わる全ての教育者は子ども達ともに、1人1人にとって最も効果的な学びの方法は何か模索することの必要性を強くかんじ、友人であるビル氏と共にMPIJ IA の立ち上げ・運営に関わる。

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Almira Bauit

Having a Bachelors’s Degree in Accounting and a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, with a major in Management, Almira has been in the educational field since 2013.  She started as an English Language Teacher handling Pre-schoolers to Professionals as her students.  She has a Japanese Shogakko Instructor of English License and has experience in handling and teaching kids with Learning Differences.

In addition to being the Lead Teacher at MPIJ IA, Almira Bauit is also the Business Manager.